Advertising Campaign Photography on the Streets of Glasgow

SNBTS Advertising Campaign Photography

Glasgow, LONDON


Last month I was approached by Edinburgh based agency Union Direct to shoot the advertising campaign for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) to support their latest TVC, television commercial to you and me. The campaign was set to run in conjunction with the global #nationalblooddonorday drive with the ads going out across the football and soaps here in the UK.

There were time constraints as is so often the case. We needed to work at the same time that the TVC was being shot. Not my favourite dance but I have worked with the team at Greenroom Films before and they are the best of the bast, so I knew this show would run like clock work.

I have donated blood for years having known my share of people who have needed the blood of other to survive. I am a proud O+ we are common as muck and desperately needed.

I know for some people the idea of volunteering to go into a clinic get stabbed with a large needle and have blood drawn sounds like hell. But it takes around 10 minutes and it is less uncomfortable to give it than need it. (just do it)

I approached the campaign with the same enthusiasm as I do my regular donation, ok perhaps a little more than donation day but you get my drift. We worked over two days ducking in and around the TVC crew. The Greenrooms team and the team from Union were great collaboration partners and walked for miles back and forward between the two crews.

Communication was clear, organisation was impeccable and the sun was shining. There is very little more I would ask from a motion/still shoot.

We ran around like headless chickens grabbing portrait subjects as they were available shooting hero shots of actors and real life donors. The client was so happy with the results that out social campaign images became a national advertising campaign photography on busses and billboards across Scotland.

Great days work, great results for a great cause.

For more information on how to sign up as a donor visit –

“Thank you these are looking brilliant!

More importantly, thank you for being a legend on the days themselves. You have the patience of a saint and the work ethic of a demon.”

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