Andy Goldsworthy portrait for the Wall Street Journal

Andy Goldsworthy portrait for the Wall Street Journal

Dumfries, SCOTLAND


I have been on a lot of adventures for the Wall Street Journal. They are a great team and the subjects are always interesting. This adventure was no acceptation. Since my days in art school I had loved the works of Andy Goldsworthy.

The attention to detail, patience and creativity he had was breathtaking, and the fact that the majority of his constructions were temporary just made him even more enigmatic. WSJ asking me to shoot his portrait was an exciting prospect.

I arrived at Andy’s home studio on a gloomy Scottish afternoon and he gave me a tour, I scouted locations as we wandered past different sculptures and installations around the property, it was surreal.

We worked around the grounds for the best part of an hour and as we we’re finishing up his wife brought us some coffee and we all sat and talked in the courtyard.

There are some shoots that stay with you more than others. This is one of them.

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