Documentary assignment for Comic Relief. Inverclyde, Glasgow

‘Grit and Grain’

Documentary assignment for Comic Relief.

Inverclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.


Working with Comic Relief never fails to inspire. I was lucky enough to shoot for them at the Inverclyde Shed. Their website explains it best.


“ The purpose of The Inverclyde Shed is to provide recreational facilities and advance the social needs, health and well-being of people living in the Inverclyde area. By creating, developing, sustaining and maintaining workshop facilities, we offer opportunities for people in the Inverclyde area to meet and undertake creative, physical, purposeful and recreational activities of their choice ”


Meeting Barrie and the team was a real pleasure, they were easy in each others company and clearly an important support network of friends. Barrie was so articulate and calm I could have listened to him speak about his love of wood working all day. For a guy who suffers with crippling chronic pain among other things he was generous with his stories and reflective in a way that is only offered by someone that has done a lot of living and a lot of learning.

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