Industrial Photography for The Clancy

Industrial Photography for

The Clancy

Glasgow, Scotland.


People find my love of industrial photography weird. But I have driven more gigantic and wonderful vehicles, trudged in huge muddy tunnels, climbed telecommunications poles, boarded secret military ships, seen the inner working of a wind turbine, seen the inner workings of the AirForceOne engine… Whats not to like!

I have worked with the Clancy team for the past few years. Short story, they dig holes and fix things. Long story they are expert engineers, electricians, water managers, logistics managers, legislation experts and traffic control. Watching these guys work is always a pleasure and hanging out is always a laugh.


This time around I was able to combine my love of studio photography (nice and clean and comfortable, wholly controllable.) With my love of industrial (dirty, uncomfortable, smelly, impossible to control and usually involving bugs of some sort.)

But as always, a good laugh. Thanks guys


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Jo Hanley

Photographer Jo Hanley produces brand conscious photographic content for agencies, publications and clients worldwide. Jo collaborates with her clients to understand their individual needs and executes production with the calm competence she is famous for. With bases in Edinburgh and London Jo and her team are the perfect production partners. Commissions can be arranged by phone or email and quotes are available on request.

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