Documentary Assignment for the Wall Street Journal. Brechin Castle, Angus

‘Take a Seat’

Documentary Assignment for the Wall Street Journal.

Brechin Castle, Angus, Scotland.


I have shot for the Wall Street Journal for years, I have worked across Scotland and the broader UK. There was even an assignment on Greenland that was being organised as our good friend Covid ground things to a halt. The gift that kept on giving. This commission, however, was much closer to home, shooting in Angus, Scotland.

You see Lord and Lady Dalhousie are moving. Brechin Castle has been the family seat and home for over 400 years and it’s time for a change. The team at WSJ wanted visual documentary to sit side by side with their story, so with the spring sun shining we headed to Angus to have a look around. Needless to say the castle was beautiful, more French than Scottish in its feel, Brechin is famous for its gardens and they did not disappoint.


“ Thank you so much Jo! Your work is beautiful – can’t wait to work with you again! ”


After shooting portraits, documentary and interiors at the Castle we headed to the gardens for a working, walking tour. It was clear that the grounds were the pride and joy of Lady Dalhousie as she showed us around its many features. The Peach Glasshouse was a showstopper!

The Dalhousie family were a pleasure to meet and work with; and if you are interested in making 2021 the year you buy a castle, this one’s definitely worth a look.

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