TESCO Brand Narrative Photography

Industrial Brand Narrative for TESCO



I was approached to produce a series of brand narrative, lifestyle and industrial images showing the Christmas harvest of Brussels Sprouts for TESCO.

Needing to capture supplier portraits, production and product I met the team early on morning on the back roads of the Scottish Borders head to toe in waterproof gear and ready to hit the mud.

I met up with Gavin and was given a walkthrough of this huge process. It was explained that;

“Supermarkets, TESCO included, sell approximately 750million individual Brussels sprouts at Christmas time, but if you estimate how many are eaten, it’s only about half of that.”

“25% of the whole year’s sprout sales are in the two weeks before Christmas. An area covering 3240 football pitches are used to grow Brussels sprouts in the UK – and if you lined all those sprouts up, they would stretch from London to Sydney.”

This harvest was run like a well oiled machine thanks to some weird and wonderful well oiled machines and the tireless staff. I hope it’s a good Christmas for all involved.

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