Industrial Portraits and Documentary for The Clancy 2021

Industrial Portraits and Documentary for The Clancy.



People find my love of industrial photography weird. Industrial photoshoot locations are usually too dusty, too cold, too wet, too hot too loud etc… But I have driven more gigantic and cutting edge vehicles than you can poke a wrench at. I have trudged in huge muddy tunnels, climbed telecommunications poles, boarded secret military ships, seen the inner working of a wind turbine, seen the inner workings of the AirForceOne engine… Whats not to like!

I have shot industrial portrait photography and documentary for The Clancy team for the past few years. Short story, they dig holes and fix things. Long story they are expert engineers, electricians, water managers, logistics managers, legislation experts and traffic control. Watching these guys work is always a pleasure and hanging out is always a laugh.

This time around I was able to combine my love of studio photography (nice and clean and comfortable, wholly controllable.) With my love of industrial (dirty, uncomfortable, smelly, impossible to control and usually involving bugs of some sort.)

We started the day setting up and shooting studio style portraits in the boardroom. The team were of course more than happy to spend some time in front of the camera and loved every minute of it…cough. We then moved outside to follow a couple of the engineers as they worked. It was an amazing insight into how the things we take for granted (water, electricity etc) are kept in good working order.

Thanks guys!

“We Look Hot!”

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