Kadi Johnson Portrait for the BBC

Kadi Johnson Portraits for the BBC.

 Kirkcaldy, SCOTLAND.


I was recently asked by the team at BBC news to head west to shoot an environmental portrait of Kadi Johnson. Kadi’s brother, Sheku Bayoh, was killed in a forceful arrest in Kirkcaldy, Scotland back in 2015, and Kadi and her family are currently waiting for the outcome of a public enquiry into his death.

As Scotland eases into stage two of unlocking this was the first shoot I had done out of the home/studio in almost 14 weeks so I was very happy to help and keen to meet Kadi. I headed out to meet Kadi at her home, we worked outdoors keeping an eye on our social distancing, chatting about the state of the world. Kadi was a total pleasure to work with.

With the Black Lives Matter movement growing in momentum across the globe the results of the public enquiry and Sheku’s families fight for the truth could not come at a more significant time. I sincerely hope the results give Sheku’s family the conclusion they are seeking.

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