The incredible balancing act of a London commercial photographer.

The incredible balancing act of a “London” based commercial photographer.


Don't Fence Me In.

I’m Lucky, I am an Australian, living in the UK doing the job I love. I have seen the world and worked on some of the most amazing projects, long may it last. I have worked as a commercial photographer in London for years covering all aspects of Editorial, Advertising and Corporate Photography.

I love London, the vibe and the edge, the culture and the people. But to live in London is graft. It’s expensive, it’s grey, in summer it’s hot and smelly and getting to these lovely parts can be suffocating. All of these observations the good and the uncomfortable are what makes London one of the best places in the world to work (IMHO).

I do not live in London. I live in Edinburgh. Just south of to be accurate. Clients jaws hit the floor when I tell that I have travelled from Scotland to work because it seems epic.

It’s not.

Here’s how it works.

It takes me 3.5 hours to travel from home to London centre. That’s about 2 hours longer than the average commute door to door. With the two hours I sit comfortably at a reserved table working on admin, emails, Netflix. Whether shooting campaigns over days or editorial and corporate over hours I hit the ground at KingsCross go and shoot for as long as needed, then split.

This is no hardship and here’s why. I have a house at the edge of a beautiful village, 5 min form a stunning beach. I have two dogs, two wee boys and I am surrounded by family and friends. That’s what I go home to.

I love my job but it’s not my life.

I have shot campaigns for some of the worlds best and biggest brands. I have been flown all over the EU to shoot, Paris, Milan, Berlin you name it. The geographic scope of my working life is the size of Europe (and the States and Australia on occasion).

3.5 hours for all that is a no brainer.

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“The majority of the work I do is on location although, having a studio base in London gives us an anchor.”


#london commercial photographer

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