Portrait of Actor Kerr Logan

Portrait of Actor Kerr Logan for the Irish Times.

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND


Recently I was approached by the Irish Sunday Times to shoot portraits of actor Kerr Logan on location in Edinburgh. Kerr is best known for playing Matthos Seaworth son of Davos in Game of Thrones. He will soon be very well known for playing James McDermott in Sarah Polleys adaptation of Alias Grace for CBC/Netflicks.

It started as a dull and wet morning with the famous Scotsman Steps setting a moody tone to our shots. We battled wind, garbage and a steady stream of pedestrians to get a great collection of images. With a little time to spare and the sun making a wee appearance we headed outside to grab some less moody shots and then ducked to the nearest cafe for coffee and some casuals.

With the release of Alias Grace I would expect the world is about to go crazy for Mr Logan. Keep your eyes peeled.

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