Supplier portraits for Waitrose. Findlater’s Food, Glasgow

‘Pâté Patter’

Supplier portraits for Waitrose.

Findlater’s Food, Glasgow. Scotland.


I have shot for the team at Waitrose a lot over the past few years. Everything from high concept studio portraits to environmental documentary for use in stores and in the magazine. This time around I was asked to head to midlothian to shoot Martin Henderson from Findlater’s Fine Foods. Findlater’s supply pâté, among other things to Waitrose stores nationally.

Shooting for the magazine, the story was about Martin himself rather than the products he produced. A casual motoracer I needed to capture portraits of Martin in his racing gear keeping LOTS of negative space for copy. Working in an industrial estate just outside of Linlithgow made this no easy task. Cars, vans, ladders, people (bah!). As a rule I like to get my shots in camera. I do very little in post beyond colour correction but these shots would need a little removal and extension to give us what was needed.


“ Thank you so much Jo! Your work is beautiful – can’t wait to work with you again! ”


A little photoshop time later et voilà.

Martin himself and his business have been on the most incredible journey to get to this point, take a look at the mag to read the astonishing story.

I hope his success continues on and off the race track.

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