Relaxed Headshots for Orbital Marine

Relaxed Headshots for Orbital Marine.

Orbital Marine. Edinburgh, SCOTLAND


Working within Covid guidelines is the new normal, and life must go on. I have been shooting portraits on location for the past few weeks while keeping to the local guidelines, maintaining safety and quality while generating connected content for clients.

We still need content and companies are racing to find a way through to keep afloat.

I was recently in a very quiet corporate centre of Edinburgh. Offices for the most part were empty and at their busiest were housing a skeleton staff. Perfect for a socially distanced relaxed headshot portrait shoot. We worked at a distance shooting indoors and out free to easily move around the vacant space. I was shooting for Orbital Marine an up and coming super star of the tidal wave power sector.

The results are fantastic, I am happy, client is happy and a precedent is set for the foreseeable future.

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