Covering a huge range of industrial clients from Volvo to the NHS, Jo’s approach insures brand consistency and visual narrative are front and centre of any project. From single images to full collections, experience and technical understanding ensure the highest quality results.

“The best work comes from a point of discomfort. That’s why I love industrial. It’s messy and imperfect and you really have to work for it.”

Industrial photographer Jo has worked for Gas and oil, whisky, health, engineering, farming and technology industries (among others) across the UK and EU. In each of these varied situations Jo’s approach is dynamic as are the results. Generating collections of portraits, processes, details and the human touch Jo approaches her industrial photography as lifestyle photography. Casting a light on the often overlooked.

What People Are Saying

“I have to say, as an editor/DoP who has worked with all types of photographers over the years, it really stands out when you edit through a set and can see how the photographer was thinking, their craft, their attention to composition, and in trying to make as strong / visually interesting an image as they can out of a setup... and that was definitely what i felt going through your edit here! You really delivered.”

BP Net Zero, Scotland

What People Are Saying

Those photos of ******* are EPIC!!!

CGD, Cambridge

What People Are Saying

“They’re perfect!”

Bentley, London
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