Social Documentary assignment for Comic Relief

Social Documentary assignment for Comic Relief.

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND.


I have done a lot of social documentary with Comic Relief over the past few years. They are such an easy team to work with and the stories we are lucky enough to tell are ones of resilience and community. Courtney’s story was no different.

Not only has Courtney survived having a drug addicted father but she has done it with grace and humility. Not only has her Dad survived addiction but he has done so using his experience to help others out of that same darkness.

I worked side by side with the motion team which is a dance that only works with great communication. We ducked and dived tapping in and out as we got what each of us needed. It all ran like clockwork.

Courtney was articulate and grounded and at different stages of quiet we had a long chat about what she hoped for the future of Steps To Hope, for her Dad and for herself. I have no doubt she will make it all happen.

If you would like to make a donation to Steps to Hope you can do so HERE

“ Beautiful work as always, Thank you Jo.”

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