Stills Campaign for People’s Postcode Lottery 2021

Stills Campaign for People’s Postcode Lottery

Glasgow, SCOTLAND.

Real People

I have done stills shoots for many highprofile clients. Side by side TVC and key art stills campaigns are hard work so when a client asks me to shoot this style of work I am thrilled by the challenge and shudder at the battering that I know is coming.

Working around a commercial motion crew can be a competitive tango. I know their production hearts drop when they hear that stills will be done on the same day. I, however, am an experienced professional, obviously.

I am well practised at dancing in and out, grabbing talent before the disappear for a coffee, working quickly, working silently when required and pushing in loudly when required. Reading scene breaks and taking full advantage of them. Phew. Crazy long days powered by coffee and twix.

As far as campaign photography creating stills key art the PPL campaign shoot was a dream! The motion crew were well aware of what I needed to get and understood that I would need a little time to get it. It was a glorious exercise in symbiosis and an absolute pleasure.

“Great work Jo. You’re the best!”

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