Print Campaign for Volvo Industrial Vehicles

Print Campaign for Volvo Industrial Vehicles.

Glasgow, Scotland.


It seems like an age ago that I was approached by Volvo Paris to shoot the updated campaign images for their made to order R100. The process started mid pandemic and as you can imagine (rightly so) the project was stop and start to comply with covid regulations. But we got there.

Now hanging off the side of truck is fun at the best of times but doing it in the driving rain well that’s a whole other world of special. I have a top team of experts and production pros (G.R.) helping me solve all the hurdles that cropped up over the two days, from missing seats to missing logos, we got it sorted. Once we were done both G.R and I were able to take this 6m wide monster for a spin around the test track.

I can’t show you many shots from this project as most are NDA so here are a couple of out takes…

100Mg thanks to George, Caronne, Jacques and the whole team at Volvo.


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